The Commission

The GAM commission was established in August 2007, following an official approval in the 14th General Assembly of the ICA.  This commission has secured a third term (2015-2019) for the continuation of its academic activities.

While retaining their significant roles in collecting geospatial information from various sources by various means, current Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been shifting to the quest of geospatial knowledge from massive geospatial information. This shift is triggered mainly by significant advances of GIS technologies involving the Global Positioning System (GPS), remote sensing, digital mapping, and other emerging location sensing technologies, as well as network-based social media platforms. Nowadays, we are overwhelmed by massive information, most of which can be referenced to the Earth, forming what is commonly called geospatial information. However, it is geospatial knowledge, in forms of patterns, structures, relationships, and rules, rather than the spatial information assembled, that would significantly contribute to solving real world problems. It is in this context that the ICA Commission on Geospatial Analysis and Modeling was established and has found its unique position in the international academic society.

Here is the commission’s former website for the second term (2011-2015), before moving to this new site.