Research Agenda

Research Agenda themes are in open discussion!

The GAM commission is creating a new version of our research agenda complete with descriptions of cutting edge topics in GAM and goals for the future progress of GAM. Please let us hear your voice about preferred research agenda topics for the commission !

You may provide your inputs in either or both of the following documents:

Special Note:

  • The commission is organizing research agenda session(s) at ICC 2019.  If you are interested in presenting your work in a research agenda session, please send your submission ID to us after making a submission to the conference.
  • There will be interactive opportunities at AAG 2019 in Washington, DC. Several research agenda committee members will attend AAG. Please arrange to talk with us in person at the meeting and we will be happy to hear your contributions.

Questions or suggestions? Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us

Dr. Clio Andris, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Dr. Anahid Basiri, University College London, UK
Dr. Bin Jiang, Universtiy of Gävle, Sweden
Dr. Angela Yao, University of Georgia, USA
Dr. Xinyue Ye, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Lei Zou, Texas A&M University, USA