Post-event publications – Journal Special Issues and Books


Journal Special Issues

  • Special issue on New insights gained from location-based social media data, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems,  Elsevier. 2016. (edited by Yao, X.A, Jiang, B. Yu, L, Madden, M.)
  • Special issue on geospatial analysis of volunteered geographic information, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 53(1) :1-122. Elsevier.2015. (edited by Jiang B. and Thill J. C.)
  • Special issue on street networks and spatial analysis, Geographical Analysis, 46(4), 341-455, Wiley. 2014. (edited by Jiang B. and Okabe A.)
  • Special issue on urban and regional modeling versus planning practice: bridging the gapJournal of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA Journal), 24(1), 5-92, URISA. 2012. (edited by Benenson I. and Jiang B.)
  • Special issue on GeoViz – Linking geovisualization with spatial analysis and modelingCartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization, 46(4), 209-261, University of Toronto Press: Toronto. 2011. (edited by Andrienko G., Dykes J., Jiang B., and Schiewe J.)
  • Special issue on data-intensive geospatial computing, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 25(8), 1217-1322, Taylor & Francis: London. 2011. (edited by Jiang, B.)
  • Special issue on geospatial analysis and modeling,Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 35(2), 91-182, Elsevier. 2011. (edited by Benenson I.)
  • Special issue on geospatial analysis and modelingComputers Environment and Urban Systems, 31(5), 477-616, Elsevier. 2007. (edited by Jiang, B.)
  • Theme issue on geospatial modeling of urban environmentsEnvironment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 36(5), 769-882, Pion Ltd. 2009. (edited by Yao, X. and Jiang, B.)